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I believe it is overly selfish to feel uneasy about your health and do nothing when you know how much you mean to your and family and vise versa. Mommy, you are absolutely my hero, and one of my greatest inspirations. Thank you for fighting, not just for your life but for mine, my brothers, and for your grandchildren. Thank You For Allowing Me To Document Your Journey. I am The Man I Am Because Of The Woman You Are. We love you! 

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The Room...

"Being In The Room With The Nurse That I Had, I Felt Comfortable. And I Knew God Was With Me" - Mommy


The Aftermath...

"I've Never Felt So Sick In My Life" - Mommy


The Chemo...

"The Surgery Wasn't The Hardest Part, The Chemo was. But God Was With Me" - Mommy

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The Machines...

"I Was Kind Of Nervous When I Saw All The Machines, But I know It's What I had To Do If I Wanted To Live" - Mommy

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The Faith...

"Ye Tho I Walk Through The Vally Of The Shadow Of Death, I Fear No Evil For Thou Are With Me." - Mommy (From The Holy Bible)


The Hair...

"When The Nurse Told Me That I Would Lose All of My Hair, I Cried. And When I Actually Saw My Hair Fall Out By The Hand Full, It Hurt. But I knew My Life Was More Important Than My Hair. Hair Grows Back, But You Only Get One Life" - Mommy


The End...

"Today Is My Last Day Of Chemotherapy. Thank God I Made It Through" - Mommy 

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